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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Washed Up...

So I have those moments when someone mentions a passing thought and as a friend of my describes it, 'I am solidly in the canoe paddling along side of them'.  No real prompting necessary.

One of those passing comments spurred this little number and now I am obsessed with vintage teardrop trailers to the Oh so modern Tab trailer.

Lorrie mentioned that she always wanted to decorate her laundry room in pink flamingos and the color teal.  That was all that I needed to get going with an idea.  Now don't get me wrong, she mentioned this around October and I really did not finish until it was a belated Christmas gift...

I had a bright idea of what I wanted but in all fairness things didn't work as I envisioned.  What should have been a simple little project - simply wasn't as simple as I had convinced myself.

I used an unpainted decorative 'bird house', a pre-painted fence piece and a pre-decorated wooden die-cut flamingo from Michael's.  Noting to it - right?  Not so fast cupcake...

To begin with the rough finish made tight details a bit difficult - I really should have sanded it first.  In the end I think it turned out I just think it may have made some of my lines neater.

I got the bright idea to use a fence as a 'make-shift' looking sign perched atop this little laundry trailer.  Getting that sucker to stay might have been easier in real life.

I ended up painting chopsticks the same color as the trailer.  I attached them with strong glue and then tried to reinforce it with my staple gun.  That really did not work the way I hoped it would.  The staples were difficult to get around the chopstick and into the roof of the trailer.  The chopsticks began to split as I missed and from the pressure of the staples that got the chopstick in it's hold.  I got the front piece to stay and glued the bottom edges of the fence.  Holding the fence piece down to the front set of chopsticks and against the trailer roof, I glued a single chopstick behind the fence to reinforce it.

As I moved things around certain ideas got displaced and reworked.  The windows really needed something to accent them but any attempt at a shade never looked quite right. I tried a micro-fiber towel in baby pink that I hoped to use as a curtain.  I gave edged card stock a shot as an awning of sorts but that really just did not stand out enough.

I wondered how I could jimmy-rig a popsicle stick and the cloth over one of the windows to make an awning.  The more I tried to make that work, the more elaborate it became.  In the end a coffee sleeve painted silver became the perfect corrugated metal awning.

The overall composition really took quite a bit of tweaking to get just right.  There were always those one or two pieces that stood out like a wall flower at a school dance; ackward and self conscious. The opening to the bird house 'laundry' just seemed to stand out too much when I left it undecorated.  But to be honest, my 'Open' sign really didn't look all that useable until I got the other pieces to look just right. The awning I mentioned never really worked out for the front of the trailer.  The 'corrugated metal' however, was quite useful for a few handy-dandy signs!

Even my little flamingo moved quite a bit as all the other pieces danced around. 

In the end however, I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

And I'm happy to report that Lorrie was pretty happy with it too.  In fact, she doesn't want to leave it at home in the laundry room...she keeps it at her desk at work.

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