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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post-Mortem Ponderings...

This was one of those weeks that looking back I'm not sure how it all stuffed itself into just one.  There was a cousin's engagement, a friend's funeral, realizing how big my baby sister is when she came to work to shadow people since she is going to start looking at colleges and majors. I found some cool artists, some good new songs and I am still trying to process it all.

But it has me thinking about inspiration for what we do.  I usually like to create things for other people, that is typically my motivation.  But occasionally there is a need for the art for yourself.  That is what weeks like this are for.  I don't really know what to do with everything that happened.  I don't think I'm even ready to start a new project...but maybe looking around at other artists to see how their life has snuck into their art will give me some direction.

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess  has her art journals which I could find helpful after this week. 
This is just a cool site I totally feel like I'm there with her and ready to craft and it makes me want to dig out my hot glue gun.

While I was there digging through all the great ideas on 'A Beautiful Mess', I found a link to Art & Design Inspiration
I like her 'Too Cute Thursday' which is a set pictures that are sure to spark possible projects.  The posts are whimsical with inspirational quotes and illustrations that sneak into her pictures it makes me feel like I just got a needed hug.   

Dollar Store Crafts has become one of my favorite blogs!
It's inspiring to see all the unique solutions people can come up with from Dollar Store I need another reason to craft shop at the Dollar Store!  Sometimes, I find that a small random project can get me back into one of my more monumental undertakings.  This site is great for quick projects and clever ways to dress-up things you might have on hand.

My goal for the week is actually to finish up my current project so I can show you my most recent monster...fingers crossed everything goes well!

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