The craftings of a shadowy figure...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wicked Little Number...

So the first project I will share is a ceiling tile I entered into a contest at a local restaurant.  I did a play on Something Wicked this Way Comes...

As you can see they used the big tiles...I don't think I realized just how big or how brittle they were until I did this.

I tried to use sealant on the tile since it's so porous, but honestly I don't believe it helped.

I used basic acrylic paint and foam brushes.  The foam got torn on the tile but I
really don't know that regular wall brushes would have worked better.  Coverage is just tough on a tile.

I tried to sketch things out and then make that sketch into a template, anything that could help me plan things out.


I mostly worked from the top down

The writing on the tile proved a little trickier.  As I mentioned the coverage made delicate details difficult.  I guess a big part of the problem is the fact that I got to the bottom and just wanted to finish.  In order to use an appropriate font instead of my handwriting I would have had to print out the title, a few letters at a time in order to get them to their necessary size since anything I had was just wrong size and style wise.  And according to Murphy's Law - the printer was out if ink.  Then I would have had to cut out each letter and then deal with spacing, soooo my handwriting won out.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Allright Cupcakes...

This post is to keep me honest like an obese Bride-to-be at a Weight-Watchers weigh-in...

I won't have the motivating nightmare of thousands of eyes watching the ever straining seams of my carefully laced sateen corset top as I toss a bouquet.  Praying that my arm jiggle kindly covers the telltale threads tearing along the unmercifully stretched stitching.

So, I have to take drastic measures to force myself to create.  I'm going to have to force myself to work.  While Sateen may be too drastic of a tool, an audience just might do the trick!