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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dollar Store = True Love

So Iron Craft Challenge #4 has continued to escape me since it has rained or been ridiculously windy every weekend and I have to spray paint as part of my project.

But with challenge # 5 I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I had just come across these sparklies at the Dollar Tree.

A friend of mine gave me a little owl plaque for a wedding gift.  For Valentine's I hung that on my front door.
It also gave me the idea for Iron Craft Challenge #5.  St. Paddy's day decidedly needed some dressing up too. 

I did not just want to slap those shamrocks on a wreath, it needed something a little different.  I dug around for some ideas and then it hit me.  A claddagh ring seemed like a nice fit for my St. Patrick's day wreath.  Those fancy shamrocks would give my ring some bling!

Here Is What I used:

1 willow wreath - from the dollar store
1-2 spools of wide white ribbon - from the dollar store or on hand (Amount depends on the size of your wreath)
2 packages of foam shamrocks - from the dollar store (more if you have a large wreath)
1 package of foam sheets - from the dollar store

1 Sheet of Yellow Foam, 1 Sheet of Tan or Brown Foam, 1 Sheet of Green
Glue - either on hand or from the dollar store

Tape (optional) to help hold the small pieces together
Ribbon to hang the wreath (I used curling ribbon) - on hand or from the dollar store
An overhead projector sheet or a piece of cardboard/cardstock

How I Built the Claddagh Wreath:

I wrapped my wreath in the white ribbon.  I cut pieces for the Claddagh itself from the foam after drawing out a template on paper.  Which ended up being a good plan as I had to finesse some of the sizes to make sure the pieces fit each other.

Once I fitted the Claddagh foam pieces together, I realized I couldn't just attach each piece and expect it to hold shape.  I taped them in the configuration I was looking for with masking tape first.  That wasn't gonna do it on it's own.

So after some brainstorming I decided to glue the pieces in the configuration to an overhead transparency.  If you cannot find a transparency (try a copy store or a college bookstore to buy individual transparency sheets), then you can use cardstock or cardboard and cut around the foam pieces leaving a backing to give it support.

While the Claddagh piece was drying, I laid out my shamrocks in a few posible layouts.  Now that my wreath is done, I liked an earlier layout more because I used more shamrocks.  But it was pointed out that the shamrocks lost their shape when there were too many layered together.  So lay everything out first before you break out the glue!

I used sticky back velcro to stick the shamrocks and the claddagh to the wreath just in case I want to use the plain white wreath for something else.  After I lined everything up I tied on the green curling ribbon to hang the wreath by.

There you have it a St. Patrick's Day Claddagh Wreath 'ala the Dollar Store!