The craftings of a shadowy figure...

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

Lamenting the length of my recent posts, my Craft-Nemesis smirked and replied, "Do three steps...even if it's impractical".

Hear that?  That's me cracking my knuckles sucker - 'cause it's on:

I give to you a mask that I made for my cousin for a Masquerade themed party she attended:

1. Cover store-bought mask in desired material (Stretchy fabric like Spandex exists to mock you - Just sayin), snipping holes for the eyes & smoothing the material flat, pulling it down around edges before the glue dries(Super 77 is great glue for this kind of project).

2. Glue desired feathers/flowers or other ornamentation to the backside of the mask before covering the back with matching material.  Keep in mind this bad boy is going to rest against your face all night so keep those pieces thin & make sure not to glue the mask strap into the decor or material. Because gluing the mask to your face is a great idea until that meeting with the boss Monday morning.

3. Decorate the mask with rhinestones and other flourishes - it is a mask, so don't hold the restraint for that Monday morning meeting...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Little Craft Gargoyle

So I think it's only fair to show you who helps me come up with all of my crazy projects...
I must afford credit where credit is due!

Please meet my Craft Gargoyle.

She usually perches nearby and watches over my crafting.

Even Gargoyles need a break...

But she checks up on me and makes sure that I stay on track.

Of course, breaks are necessary every so often.

Unfortunately, I usually outlast her with the late night stretches that always seem to accompany any project.