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Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Life-Saver!

So I don't always feel that a Thank You note is enough.  That is actually what spurred this project.  I was in need of some assistance translating a call.  A girl down the hallway came to my rescue.  However, she worked in a tremendously busy office and she only worked part time so I never figured out her schedule.

I decided to leave something little on her desk so that whenever she came in - she would know that I appreciated her help.

I came up with this little swimmer to thank her for being a Life-Saver.

Here is how I put my Life-Saver Thank You together:
I drew out my swimmer making sure she was long enough to cover the candy roll.

Because I was drowning in an office of these CD Labels, I realized the small circle would be perfect for a life-preserver for my Candy Swimmer.

I colored in the swimmer template to look like my Life-Saver down the hall.

I cut out the circle for the center of a CD label and cut slits all around the center to ease it onto the candy roll.

Cut small slits and test that your life-preserver will fit snugly around the candy roll - you can always cut a little more if necessary.

If the Life-Saver Thank You is being left somewhere it may face a little moving around it may be helpful to tape your swimmer to the candy roll.

Now my picture shows the tabs so you can see how it really looks when it's put together but by all means trim down your tabs but be careful to leave a little so the life-preserver stays in place.

Also - depending on where you leave your Life-Saver Thank You, you can bend your candy swimmer's legs to sit on a desk or dangle off the side.

In about a half an hour - you can write a thank-you note or you can really let someone know they were a Life-Saver.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Real Names Withheld...

So there were a lot of little things that really made my sister's wedding really turn out so well but one of my favorite projects was kind of random. 

The wedding had decor but I decided to use a logo... 

The venue was absolutely serve yourself and my sister and her fiance used a local restaurant to cater but they only set up the food.  So the problem was that we would be a little too distracted to rely on clearing the tables ourselves.

So my idea was to hire some of my youngest sister's friends from school (8th grade) to help clear plates and make sure water and tea were always available as well as handing out Wedding cake after it was cut.  Yes, yes it was child labor.  But there were cash and prizes...

Each kid got a gift bag with candy and a movie and most importantly their uniform..

I made t-shirts and hats with a logo with the last names and the wedding date.  I got a cousin to help me by altering a piece of clip art.  I figured it would make it clear they were helping with the wedding, and then maybe people would be comfortable with the whipper-snapper stealing their left-overs off the table. 

(The last names that go across the banner were erased in this picture - to protect true identities...)

Ended up that the groom liked the hat better than our helpers but at least it was still worn!

Monday, August 2, 2010

There's always strings...

She phoned me distraught - "I don't have the dough:  I'm doing everything myself and these little 'details' are something I can't handle."  

This shindig was to take place 7-6-07. 

I was already booked.   

There was a lot to do and I had a boat to catch.

The money was dragging her feet on all the details.

So I gave it to her straight, "Listen, sister - I can waive my fee but it's still gonna cost you.  Handling these situations requires - well some know how and Know-How ain't free.  I'm gonna have to grease some palms and that's where you come in see.  I'm gonna need some moola to make this happen."

I could tell she was biting her lip as she agreed.

Really she was bringing me in for those creative details.

Working on no budget, little input and no time I would definitely have to get creative.

Like any of these jobs there were plenty of strings attached and this was no exception.  This thing was going to happen at an up and up community club.  I'd have to get in and out of there with out any tell-tale signs. 
And those types notice everything.

My normal tricks weren't enough...

I scanned the shops and racked my brain.

I lucked out at a local shop that was willing to sell me some display pieces that might go a long way.

In fact I was able to score some extras that I knew would fit the bill of on easy clean-up.  Of course they needed a little touch-up.

Now like I said , I had a boat to catch.  I had booked another job for the three weeks right before this deadline.

I set up what I could but it would come down to a few hours before showtime when everything came together.

...just the kind of case I like...