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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let 'em know Pratt sent you...

I got a hot tip on a bunch of bolts bein' moved fast and cheap and well, I was just the sucker to spend my first Saturday of Spring traipsing between here and the the middle of nowhere.

I was bringing backup in case this turned shady as these word-of-mouth deals have a way of going.  We met up in the parking-lot and headed north in search of this back alley bargain. I stopped for some strong coffee.  I had no idea how long this was going to take.

We made our way out of the city, beyond the shipyard,  past the train tracks and down into the sticks.  The scribbled directions on the crumpled napkin ordered me to turn off on to the dirt road after the ranger's station.  We came up to a hook of homes, a few trailers and a tiny shed.  I pulled across the long yard up to the shed and a woman popped her head out of the door, "You Pratt's friends?".

"Yes M'am".

"Well, Come on in".

As we dug through the thinning bolts she relayed how her supplier closed shop and that she'd only have this inventory for a week.  She eyed our stacks, "Don't worry, I'm generous with my cuts" she smirked.    

100 yards later and chunks of paychecks handed over and recounted we were on our way.  "Now, be sure to send Pratt by".

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