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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What the *Peep*?!?!

The Iron Craft challenge this week was Peeps.

Ah yes, the sugar coma disguised as a sparkly hand-held farm animal.

The possibilities were as plentiful as the crystals coating the catatonia causing confections.

Unable to decide, I crafted several versions.

The Peep Bite Headband comes from the pleasure in only biting a chunk out of the Peep rather than stuffing the dead-eyed dessert into your mouth whole.

(At least for the 1st Peep of the season.)

The bite mark was cute but it needed something more.

The face helped.  But it was still going to be a bit plain on it's own.
So I gave it some flair...

But the minimum wasn't enough - so I threw on a little more.

And et viola'! this little Peep is ready for the big day.

Thankfully there is no need to worry about this little sucker melting!

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