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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confucius Say ~

Cracking open my fortune cookie from yet another dinner out of a box, I grimaced.  According to Confucius, not even he thought I had a chance of finding this skirt.  

"People who don't know where they are going usually wind up somewhere else."  

Apparently I needed a better lucky charm.  It had been weeks and not a peep from this deadbeat dame.  A few graveyard shifts at the Warm-up wasn’t giving me anything either.  This skirt might as well have been a ghost.  
I wasn’t feeling like a ghost story, at least not telling one.  I was looking forward to getting paid.

I was going to have to do a stakeout.  I hated stakeouts.  Terrible locations, limited resources and usually winding up somewhere I didn't intend to go.  

No use fighting it - it was time to pack.

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