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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Unwrapped...Book 'Em

So with the new year before us--and Christmas safely unwrapped--I can show you some of my projects. Sadly, a few more are still being wrapped pun intended (this time).  I'll show you those as I finish.

When I give kids gifts I usually try to include a book.  Yes, I am THAT person; unabashedly guilty!

This Christmas the book I found for my little cousin Cole shaped the whole gift.  This book is really cute.

My favorite part is that Jake stays black & white in a color story!

So to go with this nursery noir, I made the little guy a 'police academy workout uniform': royal blue sweats and an academy t-shirt.  Here is a close-up of the 'Storyville Police Academy' seal that I drew on the t-shirt.


I checked out Police Department seals and realized they often mix in the state emblems so I realized I needed to use the Landmarks of 'Storyville'.  

I really wanted to put the seal on the cobalt blue pants maybe in a yellow or white outline.  In the end I wasn't sure how that would end up looking so I stuck with only decorating the t-shirt.  Besides when it comes to doing stuff for boys--less is more.

Next up: A Cuppa' Joe

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