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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do NOT Open Until Christmas!!!

So I finished one of my Christmas gifts...but I can't show you.  No I'm not lying - it's the off chance that they'll look at this post.

The last time that I kept someone from peeking at their gift...I chased my sister out of the room, she slid on the runner in the hallway and had to get stitches.  Nothing says, "Merry Christmas Mom" like sisterly head trauma!

The nurse or PA (whomever stitched my sister's head up) decided that I had to watch her get stitched up as penance.  I couldn't make that up.

I refused to let it bother me out of stubbornness.  Yet, somehow, I'm sure as I get old this will manifest into a cautionary Christmas tale like: 'If you don't leave cookies for Santa, an elf will slash your tires before Easter'...or something like that...

So even though I want to show you my finished project...I'll wait until after Christmas.

I am sorry to make you wait - but trust me there is no need for any of us to have to watch a good old fashioned stitching up - again...

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