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Friday, July 8, 2011

To Scrub or Not to Scrub


  1.  This morning I am going to say goodbye to an old family friend. My Dad's family came to Florida when my grandfather came to work at Cape Canaveral.

    I'd say half of my family has worked on the Cape at some point. My grandfather was an electrician, my Uncle was an inspector and one of my Aunts currently works as an inspector for the chemicals that go into the shuttle.

    That doesn't include the 3 Aunts & my Dad's brief stints as their earliest jobs.

    I spent the night at Space Camp with Girl Scouts. I got to tour the base with family and they were able to show us stuff you don't normally get to see on the standard tour. I was smitten. My Aunt and Uncle signed me up for cards that were sent in conjunction with each launch. Each card had the patch for each mission with info about the crew and flight details. In the 7th grade I did a report on the shuttle program. My Dad helped me navigate what existed of the internet. Ha ha. It was really just a collection of 'bulletin boards'. There weren't really pictures. That's hilarious to write but imagining the web without pictures these days is like a movie without sound.

    However, I think one of the best memories was playing in my Aunt's front yard one night when everything shook and a tremendous roar interrupted our play. The dark was split with the orange glow of the shuttle taking off.

    So while we drive and scan the radio for info on the launch being scrubbed, I am grateful for my many memories and wish them Godspeed and a safe journey.

  2. Yay! You posted, I'm still reading, so keep them coming. Miss you!